Album Review - Paul Weller - Sonik Kicks

by GRAHAM CLARK 28. March 2012 21:40


Paul Weller never stands still and he continues to change on every album. His latest album, Sonik Kicks is a melting pot of influences. Opening track, Green, sounds like nothing else he has done in the past. By The Waters sees the modfather treat us to a tender ballad, with its violin strings and acoustic guitar the stark instrumentation lends itself to Paul’s soulful vocal. Lead single off the album, That Dangerous Age could even be a Blur track. Study in Blue has a reggae influence mixed with eastern vibes. Closing track Be Happy Children concludes the album with a sublime melody. Whilst most of his peers look back and do not move forward, Paul continues to evolve and re-invent himself. One of the best albums of the year to date.


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