REVIEW: White Lies @ Manchester Apollo - 13th December 2011

by Holly Emerson 19. December 2011 16:04


Headlining Wembley Arena in a couple of days, the sold out Manchester Apollo was more than just a doddle for the ever increasing in popularity; White Lies. Opening with ‘Strangers’ which within the expected yet dramatic chorus entails the crowd in unison, and induces a wave of nu-goth arm-waving, sets their familiar gothic punk tone for the evening from their new album ‘Ritual’,

‘A Place to Hide’ and ‘Holy Ghost’ are as stormy and dark as their haunted lyrics suggest, while ‘To Lose My Life’ blasts out like a celebratory suicide pact. There’s fear, death, blood and danger in the bones of these songs, but they’re glossed with glistening synth sheen.

Although their comparison to post-punk band such as the likes of Joy Division and the Editors is clearly linked, White Lies are still a step in a diverse direction. Their stage presence is equally as captivating, as their somber posture reflects their serious atmospheric performance.

Finishing with ‘Bigger than us’, which highlights Harry McVeigh’s impressive baritone, as the chest pound of melodrama lead single captivates the onlookers leaving them in awe. Whites Lies aspirations of touring sold-out stadiums is reassuringly not too far out of their grasp.

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