Vintage Trouble @ Proud Camden

by Eddie Sharkey 15. February 2011 11:00


Vintage Trouble. After seeing them destroy Gibson Guitar Studio on Tuesday I was looking forward to seeing them blow the roof off of Proud Camden. They did not disappoint!

They had a late stage time of around 10pm. By this time everybody was in good spirits after having a few drinks and as VT took to the stage everyone seemed to quiet down in anticipation. I am fairly sure that 90% of people did not know who VT were and did not know what to expect...


What they got was a masterclass in Vintage Blues Rock! It was like James Brown all over again! By the 2nd song everybody was dancing and really enjoying themselves. I have to say, as a genuine fan of the band it made me very happy to see everybody appreciate what they do. Song after song VT relentlessly rocked Proud Camden to its core! 30mins was not enough time and I am sure everybody could have happily stayed dancing to VT all night.


They played one more UK show on Saturday at the Barfly Camden which of course I went along to! A little birdy also told me they will be back in the UK very soon which is great news!


Pictures by Sally Evans


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