Vintage Trouble Have Arrived!

by Eddie Sharkey 9. February 2011 15:55

I first heard about this LA based Rock/Blues band a few weeks ago. Legendary Manager Doc McGhee (Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, KISS, Guns N' Roses) said "The first time I saw Vintage Trouble on stage, I knew before they had finished the first song that I was going to manage them." Quite a statement i think you'll agree!

So I checked out their album and absolutely LOVED it! Ty Taylor's voice is like a combination of Otis Redding and James Brown. On some tracks he is full of energy belting out line after line of rockin’ blues. On other tracks his voice is very soulful and relaxed.

vintage trouble_015-1348.jpg

Arriving at the Gibson Guitar Studio last night I was full of excitement. Just after 7.30 Vintage Trouble took to the stage in front of what couldn't have been more than 100 people in a bar-less, fairly sober crowd. Starting off with the beautiful "Not Alright By Me" Ty showed off his soulful vocals and drew the crowd in immediately. Then following up with the hard hitting "Blues Hand Me Down" which had the crowd moving right from the first beat of the song. It soon became clear that Ty is a great frontman for a band. As well as sounding a little like him, He also moves like James Brown! Shuffling and spinning all over the place, focusing on the crowd and getting their full attention.

vintage trouble_025-1386.jpg

Song after song Vintage Trouble proved that they are a serious rock/blues band who are very passionate about music. The final song "Run Outta You" which is also the final song on the album is a classic slow blues track. Guitarist Nalle Colt really came into his own here and absolutely violated his Guitar with an awesome solo that went on for minutes! By this point everybody was whooping and clapping and wanting more but as the song ended, one by one Vintage Trouble left the stage. But more importantly I feel they left a room full of people who came to the show not as fans of the band and left as new fans.

vintage trouble_029-1417.jpg


Can't recommend these enough. Great album Incredible live show. 

Look out for Vintage Trouble. I feel they could be going places.




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