Exclusive: Elysium III Sign With Universal Music

by kev davies 1. February 2011 16:02


London 1 February 2011: It was confirmed today, that three classically trained singers have signed a massive record deal with Universal Music following their ban* from the Classical Music Chart. Devastated by this news, an inspired decision to demo one rock song has turned      Elysium III from rock bottom to the UK’s newest rock stars.

Ceri Ann Gregory, Annalise Whittlesea and Amelia Whiteman are Elysium III and up until now have funded their singing career with the proceeds from a successful business performing for corporate companies around the globe. This all changed when their self-funded debut album ‘Beloved Symphony’ was banned from the classical chart, leaving them financially and emotionally broken.

Now, following a tradition that Glee started, propelling genuinely classic rock songs back into the charts, Elysium III have drastically changed direction to produce a brand new album ‘Rock Diva’ and secure themselves a record deal with Universal Music alongside the likes of Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse and Take That.

Devastated by the classical chart ban, the girls felt they had no choice but to disband.  Driving home one night from what they thought would be one of their last gigs, they heard Rainbow’s ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ blaring out of the car radio and an idea was born.  Knowing the track would work so well with their voices, the girls decided to make rock demo, but with an Elysium III twist. Finally opting for the Bad Company track ‘Feel Like Making Love’, they knew that something special had happened and sent the demo to Universal. The rest as they say is history.

Elysium III’s, Ceri Ann Gregory explained: “We’ve spent much of our career worrying about fitting into the classical world and trying to prove our classical credentials, but forgot that we do this because we love singing!  These rock songs feel very comfortable for our voices, and we no longer have to get bogged down with what other people want. This is fun not classical, what we call Glee for grown-ups!”

Due for release on 21st March 2011, Elysium III’s debut album is entitled ‘Rock Diva’ and features the cream of classic rock tracks including, More Than A Feeling, Owner Of A Lonely Heart, Hold The Line and You’re The Voice.

* The album ‘Beloved Symphony’ included the track ‘Immortal Beloved’ which for the first time brought the music of Beethoven together with his words from his own love letters.  Unbelievably, the track was declared to be not classical and the album was subsequently banned from the official classical music chart.



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