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by Eddie Sharkey 5. October 2010 09:37

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Ellie Goulding. Winner of the 2010 Critics Choice Award and topping the BBC Sound of 2010. Most people have heard of this English Singer/Songwriter by now and for those who haven't - you should give her a go. 

As we arrived at the Hard Rock Cafe, nearly late (due to another bloody tube strike forcing us to find an alternative mode of transport - a cab) people were already standing at the front of the stage, drinking away and looking happy that they have the best seat in the house and leaving me with no chance of getting any decent photo's! Hence the half-arsed attempt above! So to the raised bar on the left of the stage it was! It started getting a bit chaotic at this stage. We wanted to be at the front of the raised bar which gives a great view of the stage and is also where all of the food gets served from! But this space was already taken, leaving us to fester at the bottom of the stairs, being in everyone's way. Let me tell you, keeping an eye on the bar space you want to steal whilst eating a mini burger with everyone scurrying around you is no easy feat! 

After devouring one or two burgers and a drink our chance finally came! The people who were in OUR space vacated and i literally jumped into it! Onto it! Just all over it! It was like a scene out of Die Hard! So now I have an awesome view of the stage and I thought I'd be able to get some decent pictures but, alas due to the lighting they just wouldn't come out properly - apologies.

So 8pm arrives and Ellie Goulding is introduced to the stage. Big cheers all around. She sits down on a stool, says a quick hello and straight into a song she goes. Now at first, I wasn't sure if I liked what I was seeing/hearing. I quickly realised that this was because unlike her album which is full of electronic sounds, this was a stripped back, acoustic set. So once I had adjusted my mind to think "These songs will not sound like they do on the album" I was good to go! Ellie definitely has a distinctive voice. I do feel that it reminds me of another singer’s voice but I cannot place it. Also I noticed that she really gets into her performance. Eyes shut, her face contorting into all kinds of expressions/shapes. I have to admit that when she first started doing this I was tempted to giggle but I soon got past that and realised that this is a woman who is very serious about performing and that her songs mean a lot to her. She does get very technical with her voice pulling off little vocal flicks and octave changes very smoothly. If you are into vocal techniques then I'm sure you will find Ellie interesting. Another thing that became clear is how nice Ellie is. Her in-between song banter was very funny, sweet and honest.  She performed all of her hits including 'Under The Sheets', 'Starry Eyed' & 'The Writer'. She even pulled off an impressive cover of Temper Traps' 'Sweet Disposition' which went down extremely well.

On the whole a very enjoyable performance by a very sweet and talented woman. If you're a fan of Ellie of even slightly curious about her, then I’d definitely recommend checking her out on tour.




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