REVIEW: I Am Kloot @ Bush Hall, London - 15th June 2010

by Stella Man 17. June 2010 15:50

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Performing at Bush Hall was an apt setting for Manchester's I Am Kloot as they showcased a balance of their material from new to old.  The intimate venue was an adequate foundation for their loyal followers to follow along to the sounds they were there to listen to. 

The Mancunian trio's set was divided into two slots; the first scheduled 45 minutes was solely tracks from their forthcoming album, 'Sky at Night' and the second 45 was comprised of a selection from their previous work.  Joining them onstage was the assistance of two strings players, an additional guitarist, a keys player and a trumpeter, all of who seemed to contribute towards making the sound reflect a more ambient mood.  

As they opened with 'Northern Skies', this gave me a small taster of vocalist, John Bramwell's semi raspy vocals.  An interesting combination given the warmer musical basis that supported it.  This then progressed onto the more gentle sounding 'To The Brink' which was backed with the celestial strings support. 

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Following on from my awareness of the toned down tempo, I did take note of Bramwell's lyrical magic enclosed within 'It's Just The Night'.  The simple idea of 'so let down your hair and take off your clothes, there's nobody there so nobody knows...after all, it's just the night'

Given the relaxing introduction to the following track of 'Radiation', the simplistic keys and strings formation then built up to the heavier drums, which contributed enough to entice it's original tempo to a more vibrant one.  And the trumpet work on 'Same Shoes' did enough to form a very calming melody as the track went on.

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Returning to complete their presentation of sounds came soon after as the main trio stepped up to the greeting audience.  Classic gig head nods accompanied the semi upbeat tone of 'From Your Favourite Sky', which the crowd clearly welcomed as it's ending was met with a huge cheer. 

Despite the occasional shout request for 'Storm Morning', the reaction received when 'A Strange Arrangement of Colour' began indicated that this was equally as favoured.  Bramwell's brief announcement that 'we don't usually mention this but um...we're from Manchester' was also met with a few chuckles. 

Vocalist, Bramwell's solo acoustic on 'No Fear of Falling' was also well liked which confirms how this band seem to fit their work well with the crowd who to me, seemed to enjoy the balance of the additional support, I Am Kloot and just the work from a sole member.

And even though my understanding of the band's work prior was very minimal, what I heard clarified an understanding behind I Am Kloot's loyal following.  The music produced did at times feel a tad one dimensional with similar paced rhythm throughout but based on the response to what they'd created, it's clear to see why some should stick to what they know they're good at.


I Am Kloot's setlist @ Bush Hall, London:


1. Northern Skies

2. To The Brink

3. Fingerprints

4. Lately

5. I Still Do

6. The Moon Is A Blind Eye

7. Proof

8. It's Just The Night

9. Radiation

10. Same Shoes


1. From Your Favourite Sky

2. A Strange Arrangement of Colour

3. Over My Shoulder

4. Morning Rain

5. Storm Warning

6. No Fear of Falling

7. Sunlight Hits The Snow

8. Because

9. Twist

10. Cuckoo

11. One Man Brawl

12. To You



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