FESTIVAL COVERAGE: Download Festival, Derby - AC/DC, Them Crooked Vultures, Flyleaf + My Passion - 11th June 2010

by Shannon Andreucci 15. June 2010 12:52



Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl. Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Hommes. Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones. Individually they are rock heroes in their own right and come from different walks of musical life, but together they form the pulverizing supergroup, Them Crooked Vultures.

Slotted as second headliners, they took to the Main Stage on Friday evening at Donnington Park and slammed out their hard rock tunes for a good solid hour.

Them Crooked Vultures stimulated the passionate crowd with ease, performing songs from their popular debut album and showcasing their musical expertise that has been shaped and perfected with many years of experience.

It was great to see Dave Grohl back behind the drum kit where he first started in his early days with Nirvana and Josh Hommes did a brilliant job upfront on vocals too.

Their collaboration may only be new-fangled, but Dave, Josh and John perform and interplay as though they’ve spent decades on stage together. The original material created by the three rock stars is at times a bit jazzy and bluesy, but still retains hard rock at its heart.

It was a pleasure to see them live, I hope they stick around for a while!



Photography by TheLoltographer





Lightning bolts, schoolboy uniforms and one-legged hops. Who else could it be but the electrifying Australian rock gods AC/DC?!

Headlining Download Festival for the fourth time, the Aussie rockers took to the “ACDC Stage,” which they had reserved for their presence only. No other band was to perform on this stage for the entire festival. 

They kicked things off with 'Runaway Train' – which is why there the stage was housing a colossal black steam train - and whipped the crowd into a frenzy with their incredibly unshakeable energy.

“I can smell the Rock’n’Roll!” yelled Brian Johnson before introducing the next song, which he stated was about a dirty woman. As AC/DC began to play 'The Jack,' the many fanatic female spectators took the hint and got a bit naughty for the cameras. ”. A plethora of boobs in the crowd were displayed on the massive screens beside the stage as one by one the female audience began taking their tops off as the camera pointed at them. It goes without saying this pleased the male counterparts.

Even Angus Young got into it and treated the audience to a slow strip tease, braving the cold weather to remove his shirt and culminating in him shaking his bum in AC/DC-branded speedos.

AC/DC performed a lot of new material from their latest album 'Black Ice,' as well as the horde of highly esteemed hits from the 70s and 80S such as; 'Thunderstruck,' 'TNT' and 'You Shook Me All Night Long'.

All the props used in the show were symbolic of the songs being played. When the audience saw a gigantic bell with ACDC stamped across it, descending to the floor we instantly knew 'Hells Bells' was coming. Brian dashed towards the bell, jumped in the air, clutched onto the rope and victoriously rang the bell, letting out the infamous bell ringing intro of the song.

The train remained stagnant throughout the whole set, however for one particular song an enormous inflatable item began to emerge from its peak. As the unknown item inflated, soon enough it was plain to see that a rather plump, half-naked and bodacious woman was joining ACDC on stage; who else but Rosie!


The lads of ACDC have still got ‘it’. There was so much liveliness bouncing between all four of them and never a dull moment in the show.

True to form, Angus Young was running wild across the stage with his long blonde hair drifting in the wind, as he demonstrated his infamous hopping legacy. He also dispelled any considerations that time has withered his guitar strumming talent with an exhilarating solo performance on top of a raised platform that was spitting out confetti. After 30 years he can still pull it off immaculately.

Naturally the audience demanded an encore so the Aussie rockers came back on stage for 'Highway To Hell' and 'For Those About To Rock (We Salute You).' The band saluted the satisfied crowd with a line of cannons emitting smoke and concluded with an impressive fireworks display. Definitely one of the best, if not the best, performance of the Download Festival.

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Photography by Afraid of Ducks.






On day 2 of Download many patrons flocked over to the Main Stage and found a nice position in the blaring sun to watch Flyleaf, the Christian rock band hailing from Texas.

Flyleaf’s frontline were in full force, with vocalist Lacey Mosley twirling around the stage in her grungy white tutu dress and the bassist sprinting across the stage to stimulate the audience.

Unlike the vast majority of metal rock acts being presented across Download Festival’s stages, Flyleaf’s vocals are clear and coherent, making it much more pleasant to listen to and understand.

Lacey’s voice is alive with angst and emotion and her screams are powerfully heart wrenching, making for a passionate performance. She is just dynamite.







Over on the Ronnie James Dio Stage in the early afternoon was My Passion, a four-piece band from England who have been in the punk rock dance scene since 2005.

I found no originality here neither in music or appearance, only amateurism. They were all draped in tight black clothing with strikingly spiked hairstyles.

I personally felt that the vocalist Laurence René was a bit over dramatic and fake too.

But regardless of my opinion there seemed to be a considerably large audience standing before My Passion, screaming their heavy rock punk songs and giving them a good reception. Mind you, most of the crowd here were quite young though.


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