REVIEW: Kids In Glass Houses @ Manchester Academy 2 - 4th May 2010

by Amy McArthur 14. May 2010 15:15


Fresh from supporting Lostprophets Kids in Glass Houses are back with a new album ‘Dirt’ and a huge headline tour. 

Dirt the Musical has finally stopped off in Manchester, the show sold out weeks in advance with fans queuing all day to catch the best view of Kids in Glass Houses. Having just released their second album ‘Dirt’ the band are currently on a huge tour around the UK with the majority of dates sold out.

Kids in Glass Houses start the set strongly tonight with ‘Art Breaker 1’ the opening song most appropriately considering the concept of the recorded song is in two parts which open and close the album. The band appears to be stronger than ever and the crowd loving every second of their live show experience.


‘The Best is Yet to Come’ the next track sets a tone literally for the rest of the night after opening their set with two exciting songs the best is really yet to come from the band tonight. After introducing the set with these songs the band launch into their first major hit single 'Give Me What I Want', this song is the one that everybody knows meaning the crowd launch into a frenzy singing and even moshing along.


The set list tonight was really strong, most of the chosen tracks were rightfully from new album ‘Dirt’ however it was good to see the band include a few older tracks other than their previous singles such as ‘Good Boys Gone Rad’ from the debut album ‘Smart Casual’. Experiencing tracks from both albums live shows how Kids in Glass Houses have developed as a band from the early days and how they perform fantastically as a band live.

Youngblood’ the first single released last year from ‘Dirt’ has the crowd chanting along word for word with the band. The stage set for this tour has been magnificently created to replicate the video from this song with fairy lights and flowers which create a real atmosphere.

The next single to come from Kids in Glass Houses is ‘Undercover Lover’, a duet featuring ‘Frankie Sanford’ from ‘The Saturdays’ an unlikely addition to the song however works amazingly well. During the performance of this track tonight even without the duet the song doesn’t sound like anything is missing, the band perform tightly and the crowd certainly make up for the lack of female vocals filling in automatically by screaming along.


‘Matters at All’ the latest single from Kids in Glass Houses is one of the strongest songs throughout the night. Closing the main section of the set this track left the crowd wanting more, the bands performance was incredibly strong and tight throughout  and front man ‘Aled Phillips’ stage presence and vocals filled the small academy.

After returning to the stage with second part of ‘Art Breaker’ the set concludes with two of the biggest sounding Kids in Glass Houses songs to date.  ‘Saturday’ has the crowd singing along and it’s clear to see the bands reaction when their lyrics are shouted back to them. This song is a favourite of the fans and it’s good to see it included in tonight’s set. 

Last song ‘Sunshine’ is the perfect way to end tonight’s performance on a high. One of the most powerful songs from ‘Dirt’, “Stop Wishing for the Sunshine, Start Living in the Rain” are some of the lyrics in this song. The talent of the band and vocals are emphasized in this slightly slower track, the crowd sing along word for word making the most of the last song.

A really nice touch to end the set was a band signing at the back of the academy after the gig. This meant that the people who missed out on the exclusive wristband signing earlier on in the day could meet Kids in Glass Houses and have photos with them. This really showed the appreciation the band has for there fans and it was a good thing to do.


Next time Kids in Glass Houses come back to Manchester bigger things will happen, its hard to see them staying in this smaller venue for long with the energy and talent of the band and the live performance tonight.



Art breaker I

The Best is Yet to Come

Give Me What I Want
Lilli Rose
Youngblood (Let it Out)
Good Boys Gone Rad
Undercover Lover
For Better or Hearse

The Morning Afterlife
Hunt the Haunted
Matters at All


Art breaker II




Amy McArthur




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