REVIEW: Scouting for Girls @ Manchester Apollo - 7th May 2010

by Amy McArthur 13. May 2010 14:11


Scouting for Girls are one of those bands who can get everyone singing and dancing along from the minute they arrive on stage to the second they leave.

'Everybody wants to be on TV' is the latest album from the trio who are best known for writing songs which everyone knows like it or not.The stage set tonight is clever, based on the concept of the album everybody wants to be on TV, it’s made up magnificently like a TV studio complete with a huge TV screen which gets the audience and excited waiting for the band to launch onto the stage.

Before the band even arrive on stage, the familiar beat of their hit 'Heartbeat' can be heard which send the crowd into frenzy, Scouting for Girls eventually bound onto the stage singing along word for word with the crowd. The next track is a relatively new song 'Little Miss Naughty' this doesn’t faze the crowd, who still keep singing, the song is slightly a change in style from the previous album Scouting for Girls however it still sounds strong and catchy as ever.

The band next introduced the fans as the new member of the band and seemed to genially appreciate them, “Bands are only as good as there fans” Roy Stride shouts to the crowd and tonight you can really see this in context, its almost as every single person in the room has stood up sang, danced and gave it their all through the whole gig which is on account of how strong the performance has been tonight and is exactly what the band has been doing throughout the gig.




The balance of songs on tonight’s setlist was perfect a mixture of the hits and other songs from the self titled first album and a mixture of tracks from everybody wants to be on TV. A surprise song in the setlist was hidden track from the first album 'Michaela Stracken', a really humorous song not to be taken seriously which went down a storm and even to the crowd’s amusement had a slideshow on the huge TV of photos of the presenter.

The set played a big part in tonight’s set, the TV screen was often filled with images linked to the particular song the band sang and during another unexpected song a cover of Journeys 'Don’t stop Believing' turned the venue into a “big karaoke” as the band put it, displaying lyrics for the fans to sing along to, to some people this may have seemed a bit too much but it was a really good idea which worked well, was a bit of fun and got the crowd involved in the set once more. The fans also appeared on the big TV in the backdrop as a video camera went round.

The balcony at Manchester Apollo is fairly big and at the back of the venue, it’s not often that bands bother to go and interact up close and personal in the crowd upstairs like the people standing on the floor get to witness. However during another of their hits 'Elvis isn’t Dead' Scouting for Girls launch into a long interlude with lead singer Roy Stride disappearing, eventually a few minutes later the spotlight locates him in the balcony where he runs round high fiving fans, singing and generally interacting with the seated crowd. This seemed like a really good touch to the gig, it showed the bands appreciation for the whole crowd overall.




 There were two songs which had the most energy tonight firstly “This aint a love song” the bands most recent number one had the biggest reaction of the night,


Secondly the final song 'She’s so Lovely'. It’s the one song which everybody knows by Scouting for Girls, the lyrics and the melody are so catchy and unavoidable to sing along to. The band performed tightly throughout this last song and extended the ending encouraging the crowd to sing along which was a really good way to end an excellent night. The fans on the front row also got a surprise as the song ended when singer Roy Stride jumped down into the security pit and was grabbed by handfuls of screaming girls much to their delight.




Little Miss Naughty

James Bond

Goodtime Girl

The Airplane Song

I Need a Holiday


Silly Song

Michaela Stracken

Dont Stop Believing (Cover)

Its Not About You

Posh Girls

Elvis Aint Dead

Keep On Walking

1 + 1


This Aint a Love Song

She's So Lovely



Scouting For Girls are currently on tour across the UK now. Click here for tickets/more details!



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