REVIEW: HellFire Festival Feat. Devil Sold His Soul, Deez Nuts and The Ghost Of A Thousand @ Club Revolution Peterborough

by jono andrews 13. May 2010 19:23



Getting lost in a City you’ve never been to isn’t useful, especially for getting somewhere on time. So the first two bands were missed, sorry guys (though I was reliably informed you put on good sets)!

Hang The Bastard

So first band I got to was Hang The Bastard, putting out some heavy sludgy hardcore to what was still only a small gathering here at Club Revolution. However some moshers were out in force getting fully into their set. Breaking up their sets by talking to the crowd and commenting on their choice of T-shirts made their set an enjoyable affair.

Abel Is Dying

Going on from Sludgy Hardcore into some Italian Metalcore with Abel Is Dying. Laying down some heavy tunes and putting out a very energetic set to everyone here. Whilst probably not most of the crowds cup of tea they produced a fairly enjoyable set for everyone here.

Shaped By Fate

Next up we had Shaped By Fate, going for a much more straight forward Hardcore sound not the most interesting band I’ve heard but pretty decent. But this by the reaction of the crowd was what they were here for, breaking almost instantly into some mosh. Jumping into the crowd at several times during the set, their set was fun to watch!

Devil Sold His Soul 

So we now get the headliners: Devil Sold His Soul, for the first time all day the room actually looks full, very nice! Getting straight on with their mixture ambient and hardcore/metalcore, they are possibly the most progressive band playing this festival. Whilst not music to mosh too the crowd responded well to their set, singing along and headbanging to the music. Devil Sold His Soul also premiered new songs for the next album; their set went down a storm. Unfortunately being very busy on tour they couldn’t stay for too long and had to go and run off to Belgium!



So today we have our first full days of bands, spanning a great mixture of styles and genres today, even at the start of the day the place was look a lot more full than any of Friday, this can only be a good sign!

Broken Jaws

So first up, we have Broken Jaws, Starting the day off with some Hardcore, the crowd soon got behind them breaking into mosh, whilst their music got a bit repetitive throughout the set their energy live made up for it.

While She Sleeps

Next, we move onto some Metalcore with While She Sleeps, which seemed to be the reason why many of the crowd had come today. With many people singing along and almost constant mosh to it these they were definitely a crowd favourite for many here.

Pay No Respect

Going back to some Hardcore next with Pay No Respect, this band played a fairly middle of the road set, there were some people in the crowd who enjoyed it but overall it was probably one of the weakest sets that day.

Break Even

To follow up, Australian outfit Break Even played some of the truest style of hardcore at this event. Whilst most of the crowd didn’t respond to this set the few who knew this band went crazy for them. A very good band to watch live and also very nice guys in person!

This Is Colour

The band up next, This Is Colour, played one of the best sets of the festival, with their mixture of metalcore, thrash, and cheesy stuff from the 80’s their unique music will either make you smile or mosh, everyone in the crowd did at least one of those two things.

Awaken Demons

A slight bill change here now switching slots with TRC, Awaken Demons were up next, causing a fury of mosh and stage dives from the crowd. Musically probably not the best metalcore band around but still they have a fairly decent sound with top notch stage presence to boot.

TRC (The Revolution Continues)

TRC, having arrived late make it on stage, were got straight behind by the crowd, with many people singing along to the songs. Sound wise there were a few issues as parts of songs kept coming out as noise but this would be correctly quite quickly.

The Ghost Inside

Back onto the right slot times The Ghost Inside was up next. With crowd reactions being upped every set the crowd were straight behind them; singing along, moshing and stage dives going down nearly every song. Playing some seriously loud hardcore they upped the ante for our headliners tonight.

Deez Nuts

Deez Nuts, being branded as ‘party hardcore’, brought the fun for their set. The crowd went insane for this, with plenty of moshing, stage dives and even one guy going for a front flip into the crowd! For this set the room was packed to bursting, which it hadn’t yet quite got to yet! Finishing their set with probably their biggest track ‘(Tonight We’re Gonna Party) Like theirs is no tomorrow’, overall their set went down a storm, getting the party in full swing. After today’s band ex-Your Demise guitarist was laying down a dubstep/drum n bass set for all of those willing to stay around.




Round 3, the second full day of music to listen to. Today has a lot fewer people in the crowd than the past two days but it’ll be good day still no matter how many people show up!

Heart Of A Coward

To open today we have Heart Of A Coward, a progressive metal/deathcore band with some melodic tendencies. The stage for this set was only lit with strobe lights which made for a very interesting to watch, with many in the crowd getting straight into the opening set it bode well for the rest of today!

Tides Of Virtue

Tides Of Virtue carried on the melodic metal/deathcore theme with their set, playing some some fast heavy tunes for everyone here today, getting straight into revving up the crowd for the set, which in turn moshed along to the set!

The More I See

Now for something different, local Thrash Metal boys The More I See took to the stage in a flurry of guitar solos, hair and speed. Probably not the best choice for this festival, as apart from one audience member no one seemed to really like their set. Still, nice to break the event up with something a bit different to everything else.

Heart In Hand

A return to normal procedures with Heart In Hand, providing us with the first Hardcore set of the day. With plenty of mosh and plenty of people knowing the lyrics the crowd got very into this set. A pretty decent set overall and very fun to watch!

Carcer City

Coming down from the North to play, Carcer City came to the stage to play some progressive metalcore. Putting out some technical guitar playing, a solid metalcore sound and a good stage presence together to put out one cracking performance, definitely a band to check out!

The Argent Dawn

Following on from this were The Argent Dawn, and they had to be the low point of the entire event, putting out something similar to slowed down Job For A Cowboy, there was nothing good about this set.

PostMortem Promises

However, it turned out it can actually get much much worse, Postmortem Promises hit the stage and, well, didn’t make any music, only playing chug guitar and some truly terrible screaming, it would be an insult to music to call them musicians.

Eyes Of A Traitor

Fortunately this low point in music didn’t last long, getting back to a good standard with Eyes Of A Traitor. With plenty of energy in their set and some brilliant tunes, and went down a storm with everyone watching.

The Ghost Of A Thousand

Now to the finale of the festival, The Ghost Of A Thousand hit the stage. Playing some ferocious Hardcore Punk, they made their presence known. The crowd were a bit slow to get into the set so The Lead singer quickly dived into the crowd and took it upon himself to stir the crowd up for their set, after this the crowd were much more active, moshing, singing along, and the odd stage dive, well, jumps as there was no crowd to catch them! This was a great way to end which had been overall a pretty decent festival, this plenty of different things to watch and plpenty of bands and people to talk to, it was an all around success!






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