REVIEW: Live At Leeds Festival - 1/5/10 - Hurts

by Harry Moore 5. May 2010 16:17



Hurts- The Holy Trinity Church- 10pm

After walking around for 10 hours and enjoying yourself like at any festival, walking into a church at 10pm and walking past a beer stand wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

I was here for one very good reason; Hurts. Another band who have been catapulted into the limelight and deliver a live performance that could leave the biggest of men in a state of emotional ecstasy. The setting for their headline slot seemed absolutely perfect; a huge, overpowering, dark church that was full of music lovers awaiting to see one of the most emotionally powerful and epic bands around at the moment.

It’s clear to see and appreciate the thought that goes into their live shows, the clothing, the lighting and their presence on stage all adds up to something that is indescribable, it’s like nothing out there at the moment. It doesn’t stop there either, the very few songs that are available to the public are all as brilliantly beautiful, epic and genius as each other. ‘Blood Tears and Gold’ makes an early appearance and creates the kind of emotion and power that should be created by an experienced band in an arena. When the chorus kicks in it’s fair to say there were a few tears from the title in the eyes of some of the crowd as they all stood up, arms aloft, singing along with Theo showing the kind of passion the song deserves.

The setting for the concert compliments the band perfectly and as they burst into ‘Wonderful Life’, which shows off a different side to the duo, the crowd start piling down to the front of the stage, ignoring the surroundings. It’s got more of a electro pop feel to it that even leads to a lot of the audience bursting into some kind of 70’s dance routine. The chorus is what we have come to expect of the band in such a small amount of time, a wall of noise suddenly hitting you in the middle of the face complimented with the dark sounding beautiful sound of lead singer Theo.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, recent single ‘Better Than Love’ starts to echo around the church and gets the biggest cheer of the night. It shows off the confidence of the duo as it bursts into what could be a modern dance classic after a sublime vocal introduction from both Theo and the brilliant sounding Operah singer who stands intimidating still at the back of the stage. The chorus is somewhat different to what we have heard in the last hour as there are definite signs of fellow mancunians Delphic but used in such a way that it feels brilliantly unique and slots in effortlessly into the setup of the song.

It feels like they have been around for years, each song feels so comfortable and watching the duo on stage you could mistake them for people who have been doing this for years. The scary thing is, they are going to keep getting better.

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