Hard Rock Cafe, James Walsh & Arno Carstens

by Gig Nutter 25. March 2010 09:11

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God Bless Hard Rock Cafe and how rocking is Jamie Walsh? So I was lucky enough to get invited to see Jamie the front man from Starsailor on Monday night at an exclusive tightly packed bash at The Hard Rock Cafe London. He played through loads of amazing tunes, most of which I believe where material produced by Starsailor and perhaps a few of his own. I have not been to a gig in the Hard Rock before and I was blown away how good the sound quality and atmosphere was. But this was a master of guitar and such a powerful voice giving it his all, and what a sound the band made. If you haven't checked him out then keep your eyes peeled on GigJunkie as you never know he may just turn up at a festival near you, anyway here is some footage from the other night to tempt you. 

Arno Carstens was up first in support, I had never heard of him before. It turns out he is one of South Africa's most revered vocalists, previously playing in The Springbok Nude Girls which were huge in SA during the noughties. Well worth checking out but weren't really my cup of tea as I actually felt the vocal's weren't powerful enough. But thats just my opinion, the place was rammed so what do I know! I am going to check out the Springbok Nude Girls though what a name!

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