Dead by Sunrise UK Debut @ Ketish Town Forum

by Jaydaman 11. March 2010 11:29

G'day GigJunkies! So I was down at the Kentish Town Forum last week to check out the all new Dead by Sunrise, Chester Bennington of Lincoln Park's new band as they took to the stage for their UK debut.

Chester claims that Dead by Sunrise are no side project saying, “We’re a full, ready-to-go band and so this is something we take very seriously”. There were some definite similarities in the style of Dead by Sunrise in comparison with Lincoln Park but overall I did find their performance thoroughly more enjoyable.

The band seemed to be sparked by the excitement of doing something new, and despite the fact that they had their lyrics taped to the stage (something I had not seen a band do until this week when I have seen it twice), they played with a subtle confidence, yet also with a humblesness that was somehow lacking from the Lincoln Parks more 'in ya face' performances of the past.







The set the band played was as follows, which I would bet will be shapping up towards the bands first album due out later this year:

Inside of Me
Morning After
Too Late
Let Down
Walking In
Into You
End of the World
My Suffering


Crawl Back In
20 Eyes



7 / 11

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