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by Amy McArthur 15. February 2010 12:33

Kids in Glass Houses

Kids in Glass Houses are currently one of the bands to watch in 2010, after a big 2009 the band are set to release their second album "Dirt" on March 29th. I had the chance to interview Joel and Iain about the bands latest achievements and the anticipated releaseof their second album.


Firstly can you introduce who you are, and what you play in Kids In Glass Houses?


Joel: I’m Joel I play Guitar

Iain: I’m Iain I play Guitar


Where did the name Kids in Glass Houses come from?


Joel: Aled came up with the name years ago, He kinda got it from a Glassjaw lyric “Tip your Bartender” is the song.

Iain: The lyrics “Not throwing stones at you anymore” and we thought a play on words of the phrase like people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Joel: And we were Kids at the time!


Who would you say are your main influences as a band?

 Iain: Collectively we all have a wide variety of tastes and stuff but collectively there’s a few bands that influence us like The Police who are a big influence

Joel: The names we normally give are just like The Police, Glassjaw

Iain: Michael Jackson that sort of vibe I guess!


How would you describe the band to people who haven’t heard of you before?

 Iain: Erhh Delicious….


Last Year you played shows at huge arenas with Fall Out Boy, big academies with Lostprophets and smaller venues on your own headline tour, which do you prefer and why?

 Joel: They all have different vibes

Iain: Yeah each has got pro’s and con’s like smallish rooms

Joel: Its good cos everyone’s like right in your face

Iain: Plus you’re close to everyone and its nice and sweaty and there’s a vibe

Joel: Big shows have got lots of room and Lights

Iain: Obviously playing a big show is a sort of sense of accomplishment, a sense of an achievement so yeah both have got different pro’s and con’s I guess!


 2009 was a huge year with festivals such as Slam Dunk and Reading and Leeds, recording in Texas, sold out gigs and mainstream radio play what was the highlight for you?

 Joel: Last year the highlight was probably was…..

Iain: I’m going to go with Reading just cos I never thought when I was a boy playing guitar at my mums house that I would ever step foot on main stage Reading.

Joel: It was kind of like a last minute thing too as we weren’t going to do any festivals last year cos we were just writing the record and recording then a few weeks before we put in a request to get some guest list tickets to go to the festival and they just asked us to play the main stage and it was pretty cool.

My highlight was probably going to Texas though when we recorded the album that was my highlight of the year, good times!


How’s the Lostprophets tour been going so far?

 Joel: Its going really good so far we’ve done three shows

Iain: We played the third show last night

Joel: Nottingham was really good last night

Iain: Its been awesome so far they have been amazing slaying it as well

Joel:  Really good lights and sounds and tunes. Its really good we’re out till the first of march so we have a good couple of weeks yet!


How has your music evolved from Smart Casual to form your second album Dirt?


Iain: We defiantly found a sense of dynamic with this record, like the songs. Smart Casual was like we achieved everything we wanted to achieve with that record, its really polished sounding and there’s a lot going on but with this record we wanted something that sounded a bit more organic, the guitar work is a lot more stripped back which leaves Aled (vocals) more room to belt out some sweet melodies and the songs are more epic I guess there a lot bigger.


Why did you decide to release an album track “Hunt the Haunted” as a free download for a limited time?

 Joel: I think it was just because like we released “Youngblood” back in October as the first single and the next one wasn’t going to be released until like now so we thought we’d just release another one in-between to keep the interest going

Iain: We like to give!


What can the fans expect from Dirt?

 Joel: A lot of really really good songs

Iain: This is a better record than our first it’s a step up


How did you get Frankie Sanford and New Found Glory to appear on the record and what do they bring to the new tracks?
Iain: Well there’s one tune that Frankie appears on, its got like a bit of an eighties vibe and we were chatting with Jason Perry the producer about it and no-one really does the whole eighties sort of male, female duet anymore. So we were just like lets just do it and Jason just happened to mention that she was a fan of the band so when we were thinking about who we could get we were like is she about. Aled was down in the studio, she came down and it sounds awesome, it sounds really eighties which is exactly what we were going for.

Joel: New Found Glory we were on tour with them last year in August and just had a song where we thought some gang vocals would go pretty well so we all crammed in a little dressing room and wrote the lyrics up for them.

Iain: We’ve talked to them a couple of times and become quiet good friends with them, It was just a nice thing to do and who does gang vocals better than New Found Glory. I don’t think there is anyone!


How would you describe the new album “Dirt” in your own words?

 Iain: Its awesome, really good!

Joel: Just real sound and its not like all processed sounds or anything, its all natural sounding.

Iain: It sounds a lot different to a lot of bands that are out there, trying to gofor this polished auto tuned processed compressed guitars. Its about trying to make a stand !


What’s one thing you hope to achieve with your music?

 Joel: Just to keep on going really and keep on playing shows with people coming

Iain: Play shows, meet people, see the world, that’s what we want to achieve. Like we’ve never been ones for like I want a mansion, I want fame and all that, I wouldn’t turn it down but we’re so happy and appreciative to be doing what we’re doing so as long as we can keep doing what we’re doing then it’s all good.


What’s your favourite song to play live and why?



Joel: All the new ones at the moment, out of the older ones my favourite is probably Lovely Bones it always goes down good.

Iain: Sunshine a new track is doing it at the moment for me. It’s just really nice to be starting to play new songs though and seeing them go down well.

Joel: We’ve been playing the older ones for the best part of three years, some of them even longer so its just good to vary it up a bit and throw some new songs in.


 What plans does the band have for the rest of 2010?

 Joel: Getting the album out in March.

Iain: It comes out March 29th, Headline tour first couple of weeks in May that’s what were aiming for

Joel: and Just going to different countries I guess and try to spread the word a bit more, mainland America hopefully

Iain: Japan, mainland Europe, Just basically tour as much as we can and drill out new songs into peoples heads. 


Finally any last words?

 Iain: Buy Dirt!



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