Band of Skulls - Liverpool Korova - 05/02/10

by Alex Yau 7. February 2010 02:18

Walking outside and looking into the upper part of the venue, you could mistake it for being half empty, infact, this reviewer mistaked the venue for being closed for a little confusing while. However, venture deeper down into the lower part of the place and it's a different story. Already gaining a decent crowd, the area was filled with fans there for one band, Southampton based, Band of Skulls.

The first band called Prison Area were a light synth electronic indie band. Often playing songs about heartbreak, the band had gained a positive response from the crowd, Growing ever larger, the crowd witnessed the second support act of the evening. Beowulf were an electrifying band often playing loud energetic alternative music with the bands energy and frantic nature rubbing off onto the crowd.

Come half past ten, the band that everyone were waiting for finally came on stage. The floor was nearly packed with fans and huge cheers erupted as the three piece finally made there way onto the stage. Performing tracks such as 'Fire's' and 'I Know What I Am,' the band gave a hugely powerful performance. The crowd were dancing along to the bands songs. Guitarist and lead singer Russell Marsden jumped into the centre of the stage and performed some of the craziest solo's showing his talent as a guitarist. The band said thanks many times to the crowd before continuing their great set.

Band of Skulls showed what a band needed to be on a live stage: energetic, powerful and able to get a crowd going.


Alex Yau

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