Stereophonics - Portsmouth Guildhall

by Matt Richardson 26. January 2010 00:50


Stereophonics, a band who I have seen twice before, are playing a small and intimate gig at Portsmouth Guildhall - the first night of their 2010 World Tour. The last time I saw them was close to a year ago, in the rather huge Royal Albert Hall, as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust gigs. The Portsmouth Guildhall is rammed with close to 2000 Stereophonics fans, all eager to hear the band play songs from their recently released album 'Keep Calm And Carry On'.

At bang on 9pm, the band take to the stage, led by lead singer Kelly Jones, with his hair gelled back in his signature style; who was amazingly not wearing his two signature items of clothing - a leather jacket and aviator sunglasses. Launching into new song 'Live In Love', the crowd of 2000 go mental for the band. Next up is 'Bank Holiday Monday', followed by 'A Thousand Trees'; both of which go down an absolute storm with the crowd. From here on in, the band play a mixture of, as Kelly put it himself 'some new songs, some old songs, and some really old songs'. Highlights for me would have to be mainly the classics - 'Maybe Tomorrow', 'Just Looking', 'Local Boy In The Photograph', and some songs from the band's most recent release ('Could You Be The One', 'Trouble' and 'Innocent'.

For the encore, the band played three storming tracks in a row: 'She's Alright', 'The Bartender And The Thief', and they ended the set, like they do every time, with 'Dakota', much to the crowd's delight. This saw over a thousand arms in the air at the end, with the crowd singing almost louder than the band themselves, and felt great to be a part of.

So Stereophonics were my first gig that I was a professional photographer for, and my first gig of the year, and I quite frankly have loved watching them each time, in a different way. Bring on the next one!

The full setlist:
Live In Love
Bank Holiday Monday
A Thousand Trees
Could You Be The One
Pedal Pusher
Stuck In A Rut
Maybe Tomorrow
Money Honey
Help Me
Just Looking
Mr Writer
Local Boy In The Photograph
She's Alright
The Bartender And The Thief

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