Not long now until The Prodigy UK Tour starts!

by Felicity Hall 5. January 2010 17:56

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Well guys, 2010 has suddenly sprung up on us...and with it comes the start of The Prodigy's UK tour!


I am SO EXCITED about this!!


Last year I saw The Prodigy at both Download and Leeds, and both shows just absolutely blew my mind.


They are a truly unique mixture of rock and dance, but whatever genre you want to class them as they are one of the best live bands around. Their new album, 'Invaders Must Die' is one of the best yet, and if they follow previous shows last year they will be playing a good mix of the new stuff and the classsics.

 The guys really know how to work a crowd (not to mention being absolutely GORGEOUS) and they perform with such limitless energy that the crowd just can't help being drawn in, and before long at any Prodigy concert the whole crowd is just a screaming mass of people.


The venues they are playing are a lot smaller than usual, and the chance to see them play in such an intimate venue really isn't one to be missed.

As usual guys, links to details below and enjoy the snow :D


Click here for details/tickets!


Click here for The Prodigy's official website!

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