Reggae Roasts - Wailers - Sunday 22nd November @ Jazz Cafe, Camden

by Jaydaman 16. December 2009 11:57

My expectations were high for the Wailers and rightfully so. After all not many bands can claim to support a corner stone of an entire genre (in this case Raggae) on the might of their shoulders.

I have always found the Jazz Cafe in Camden a thourougly pleasant venue with it's mix of cool and firery lighting / good seating and standing areas which one can freely move between and exceptionally high quality food if you should be so enclined. One of the venues poorest points has to be it's near criminal prices for beer and other refreshing alchoholic beverages but perhaps that should be expected when ticket costs were one of highest seen outside of a festival or the epic Led Zeppelin gig at the O2 in 2007, now there was a gig to remember but anyway I digress.

The bands performance was excellent and Elan Atias’ singing style can only be likened to that of Bob Marleys. Although I cannot name many of this bands tracks, the chance to see musicians of this calibre is never short of breath-taking.

In summary, the show was inspiring and nothing short of awesome but one has to wonder, what must it have been like to have seen them when they were fronted by the legendary Bob Marley himself. Unfortunately along with Elvis, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrex and Nirvana; Bob goes on to the special must see list which will never be.

8 / 11


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