Kid Creole and the Coconuts @ Aylesbury Friars Club, Friday November 27th

by Mintyhit 20. November 2009 11:56


DING! (Incoming email...)

left click (Subject: Check this out!!!)

(Yawn, yawn, double yawn)... sleepy eyes and crap tasting coffee not conclusive with the reading of emails this early on.

hmmmm... Kid Creole and the Coconuts? (Interesting...)

14 piece band... (Eyebrows ever so slightly arched in comical fashion...)

Jimi Hendrix’s
son on lead guitar...? (Office chair slips out behind me as I unintentionally get up close and personal with my monitor...)

...AYELESBURY! oh... hang on, where actually is Aylesbury?

Aylesbury might not be a place many people are familiar with, perhaps the kind of place you may end up in to pick up a hastily brought last minute sofa purchase off ebay, or perhaps somewhere you might get lost in trying to reach London by using roads no bigger than a single lane, but lets not put this place down just yet.

The legendary “Aylesbury Friars Club” was renowned in the 70s and 80s as a centre for popular, modern “out there” music with performances form big acts such as The Clash, David Bowie and the Ramones. It was here back in the heady days of 1982 where it is said that both band and venue had perhaps their best ever gig. Kid Creole and the Coconuts are set for an extremely welcome appearance later this month in an historic event which has seen the Friars club reopened to celebrate its 40th Birthday (after a 25 year gap).

“I have told the band that, because this is Aylesbury, and there is a historical connection, they have to prove they have the fire,” said the Kid. “Every one of those guys has seen footage from the 1982 gigs and they want to be at that level. Friars is in for a treat as we are revved up.”
the Kid then added that Jimi Hendrix’s son is on lead guitar. – (“Yikes…)

I fully expect this gig to live up to the hype and anticipation that will precede it. Timeless styles and influences from the Americas and Tropics wrapped seamlessly into eye popping big band epics will have everyone in the house ‘a swinging’ and a’ shakin’ like the movers and groovers of yesteryear. Expect to hear classics such as ‘Stool Pigeon, ‘Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy’ and ‘I’m A Wonderful Thing Baby’.

My advice to you: dress sharp, act cool and go with the flow. It is unlikely that the Kid will grace us with his presence again so drink it all in and “shake that fine ass”.

Kid Creole and the Coconuts are appearing at a special one-off Christmas party at the legendary Aylesbury Friars club on Friday, November 27. It’s at Aylesbury Civic Centre on Nov 27 at 7.30pm.  China Crisis are supporting while Friars Kris Needs will be DJ’ing 80s NY-style disco style.



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