Bombay Bicycle Club - Bloody Nice Blokes!

by Marc Bridgen 9. November 2009 17:33

So last week poor old Rachael had a bit of a 'mare at a Bombay Bicycle Club gig, you can read her blog entry for the full story.

Well, the band have been in contact and it appears that the door staff had got it wrong and the gig had been contracted as a 14+ event.

These things happen, and the bands management were pleased to hear of this missunderstandng so they can sort things out and try to make sure it doesn't happen again.

To make it up to Rachael she has been invited to their Liverpool gig in December, where she has a guestlist for her and some friends, is invited to the sound check and to meet the band.

All's well that ends well!

Many thanks to Bombay Bicycle Club and their manager Jason.

We look forward to reading Rachael's blog and seeing her pictures after the gig!


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