Bombay Bicycle 18+club...and a rant.

by rachael. 4. November 2009 23:27

Liverpool music week, sounds glorious, full of exciting things and suitable for all ages yes?

So when i found out one of my favorite new bands were playing and one of my Reading festival highlights were playing for free in a pretty smallish venue, i was absolutely chuffed!
I checked all website's i could think of to find out more information about the gig, it was Bombay Bicycle Club and a really big selection of other bands i'd never heard of...not one mention anywhere of it being 18+.
Why should it be? The Barfly/Masque venue is meant to be for usually all ages, and when they do have 18+ events on etc, they advertise this fact. Plus the fact the BBC guys arnt that much older than 18 themselves!...

Plus the fact that probably the majority of their fans are unswe 18, go to all the gigs, buy the albums and CD's and generally be a loyal fan.

Contemplating for days about if there was a need to queue, what songs they'll probably play, praying to god they'd play 'Motel Blues' and basically just being syked up for this... I was absolutely devastated when i heard these words...

'GORRANY I.D GIRL' (lovely charm.) Quick thinking i explained that 'I am 18, its just i'm still in college, so could i just use my college card?' gave the bouncer a look that he was concidering it. It backfired when another beefy-man-in-black joined in with 'NAAAAA GIRL CANT UUSE DAT'

Heart broken i flipped a bit and started effin' and jeffin' and slugged around the corner either about to punch something or break down, OH and it was still raining. Standing in silence for too long not wanting to go home, some more friends later came, got the same jipp, actually, got in a fight with the ego-maniac bouncers.

So some of us tried the entrance where the bands come in round the back, a nice guy from one of the bands that night 'forgot to shut the door' for me. We were in! Brilliant! Back on track. NO.

Turns out, BBC wern't on untill 11, my last bus being around that time. The main reason i'm this fuming about this is because no one had NO idea about the age restrictions. BBC have played at Barfly many times before and there being no complications with age. But i'm not blaming BBC, chances are they have nothing to do with it, they just go where they're told...probably non the wiser to it infact.

One of the things that got me most was the fact that in the summer, i went to an 18+ gig, wore a low-cut top, and i just waltzed in. Rules need changing when bouncers think they can play god with fans. A good glare of some tits & legs and your fine. Slip round the back of the bouncer and you'll be sound for life. Why the f*** should this be allowed. They're no better than you and me. And yes, i know they're only doing there job, but when they start letting people off who are tarted up, got their tits out and probably flashed them a little something too, its just not on. Plus they think they can just treat people worse than the shit they'd find on their shoes.

There needs to be some sort of law/legislation passed where it is VERY clearly advertised when something is 18+.
That bouncers ego's dont get so big their heads cant fit through the doors they're working.
That bands should have more say in what they're doing instead of getting stuck wherever the managers put them.

At the end of the day, there was no reason why the gig would be 18+, and no advertising that it would be 18+.
I'm so dissapointed at how bouncers can get away with being the (mostly) t**** they are.

OH, AND, i go to take my scarf off while standing outside Barfly in the pouring rain and my favorite neclace snaps, pearls pouring all over the street, me finding a really nice brolly on the seat next to me, being really happy with it, then found out it was broke. And the fact i got my hair cut, then never had a chance to take it out my hat because of the rain drenching me.

From a damp & miserable & ticked off Rachael Cannon.



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