My Evening With Peter Doherty

by Matt Richardson 26. August 2009 09:59

Yesterday, myself and my mum travelled all the way up from Southampton to London, for a secret Peter Doherty gig in a tiny pub with a capacity of just 50. Arriving at the pub 5 hours before Peter was due on stage, we went over to the owner, and asked to buy tickets. She then informed us that the gig was for over 18s only, and due to their license in the bar, I would have a to leave at 7pm. Because we had travelled close to 100 miles, the owner went downstairs to talk to Peter. Minutes later, she came back upstairs, and said to me 'Right, you've got a private session with Pete for a bit.' 


Ecstatic as we were, we headed downstairs to find Pete in front of the microphone, dressed in a typical white shirt with a black tie and black trousers. On seeing us, he greeted us, and asked us how we were. We explained about all the licensing shenanigans, and he seemed sympathetic. We also chatted about meeting him backstage at his Bournemouth gig last year, where he gave me his hat and harmonica.  He then found his black blazer resting on the sofa, and took out his Moleskine notebook from a pocket. Handing me the book, he told me to write out a setlist, and he'd give us a private gig as a way of saying sorry. So, just to set things straight to you, dear reader, it was myself, my mum, and Peter Doherty. Just us 3 together, in the basement of a pub. Choosing the songs carefully, I selected Babyshambles classic  'Albion', Libertines sonnet 'What Katie Did', and a couple more Libertines songs. Playing 'Albion' first, Peter got up from sitting on the sofa, and started to walk around the room while playing his guitar, as if he was playing to a crowd of thousands. The song then finished, and he returned to his chair, and the chat carried on, while he sipped a pint of Guiness. This was how things panned out for the next hour or so, before Peter bid us farewell, and popped outside for a cigarette. 


It then hit us, that after that hour long session, we realised we had just had something better than the gig which was to come-we had a private gig, where we wrote the setlist, and could talk to him about anything. On asking him how his pet cats were, he then answered back with 'What, d'you want one? Seriously, you can, I've got too many'. It was moments like this which make us realise how much of a legend on the music scene he really is. Don't believe what you may read in the tabloids, this was the real gentleman that is Peter Doherty.   




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