The Dead Weather album preview and Glasto review

by Leeroy 9. July 2009 09:15

Anyone a White Stripes fan? What about The Kills? Racontuers? How about Queens of the Stone Age? Pretty much anyone who likes modern rock will have a vested interest in these guys, Jack White plays drums, produces and splits lead vocals with sexy rock grrrl Alison Mosshart (The Kills) while Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age) plays guitar and Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs) plays bass.

On Friday of Glastonbury (yes it's taken this long to recover!) the latest Jack White supergroup hit the stage in one of the secret slots as I predicted a couple of weeks beforehand. They'd already done a Myspace show and a secret last minute warm up in London that week, but this will go down as their first 'proper' gig. Most of the audience didn't know who was due to be playing, and most only figured out who was playing when an ultra pale Jack White stepped out and placed himself behind the drums.

Alison takes the lead and with her 'your mother would be worried about you but you'd have a great time' look, and vocals that take you back to when rock meant something, her full time band, The Kills are massively underated and apart from the higher profile from a band like this, she's likely to go back even stronger when she joins Jamie Hince back in the studio. Jack White is the main focus though, irrelavent of Mosshart rock strut, and that's because he's a drummer who draws you in, tapping your foot and nodding your head to every cymbal crash, snare smash and bass drum thud. It's no real surprise when people point out he's far superior as a drummer to ex-wife and White Stripes band mate, Meg White. Fertita and Lawrence are both very accomplished musicians who seemed to relish the new challenge with music they seem to believe in.

I'd like to provide a detailed tracklisting of what happened but that's the danger of playing Glastonbury on the Friday, people forget and get that messed up by the Monday, that everything becomes a blur! They did play 'Treat me Like Your Mother' which is their most recognisable track, and a Bob Dylan and Van Morrison cover, the Dylan cover, 'New Pony' will appear on the album too. They finished off with Lawrence jumping onto drums and White strapping a guitar against his lean figure for their closing song, 'Will there be Enough Water', it takes most bands alot of gigs and alot of time to build up a chemistry on stage with band mates, but Mosshart and White just fit together with a sexual chemistry that makes you wonder.....

dead wether.jpg

It may not be the chemistry Plant and Page had, but Jack White has wanted to create his own Led Zeppelin for years. The two piece White Stripes did it in their sharp punky way, moreso in their early days, Raconteurs was a more collaberative effort, closer to post-band Plant and Page than true Zep, but here I think there's the possibilty he's found home, a rock sound distinctive enough as their own but with a haunting reminder of their roots.


They are previewing their new album 'Horehound' (a pretty rock and roll name if ever I heard one) on iLike for free for the next 24 hours (maybe less by the time I've written this), and it sounds like a rock classic already. You can stream the album from here and the album is released on Monday on Jack White's own Third Man Records.


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