A Decade of Reading - Reading Festival 2009

by Jaydaman 6. September 2009 22:43
“This festival has surpassed my wildest expectation and is without a doubt the greatest festival of all time” Jaydman - Late Sunday Night. “We’re going straight to Hull for this one” SirHuffington - Multiple occasions throughout the festival [More]

Festival organisers flagging?

by Leeroy 5. August 2009 13:30
Reading festival are this year banning flags from the Arena, is this the right decision or will you miss them. [More]

Festival season is underway

by Leeroy 14. June 2009 22:26
I'm just sat at home watching highlights of the Isle of Wight festival, well when I say highlights, I mean Goldie Lookin Chain singing 'Your mother's got a penis' to a bunch of 14 year olds, and Simple Minds fairly lacklustre performance of 'Alive and Kicking'! But still, it's getting me excited ab... [More]

Reading Festival '09

by rachael. 4. June 2009 19:46
A little rant about Reading Festival '09 and opinions. [More]

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