FESTIVAL COVERAGE: 1234 Shoreditch Festival, London, 24 July 2010

by Alexandra Randall 28. July 2010 02:50
It was a beautiful summer Saturday in the quaint little town of Shoreditch. The sun beamed down and glinted off empty bottles of Magners Pear Cider discarded at bus stops. Shoreditch Park was filled to the brim with Hoxton children, with Ray Bans, vintage dresses, check shirts and other ... [More]

EVENT COVERAGE: Proud Camden's 2nd Birthday - 23rd June 2010

by Alexandra Randall 26. June 2010 00:11
Proud Camden celebrates it's second birthday. [More]

FESTIVAL COVERAGE: Stag and Dagger Festival, London - 21st May 2010

by Alexandra Randall 24. May 2010 03:58
We were staggerin' and daggerin'. [More]

REVIEW: Ja Ja Ja event @ Lexington, London - 20th May 2010

by Alexandra Randall 21. May 2010 15:14
I'm all for promoting new and different music. When I heard of 'Ja Ja Ja', a monthly event promoting indie music from Nordic countries, I thought, 'yes, something different, this should be interesting'. Maybe I hyped myself up too much, but it turned out to be less Ja Ja Ja and more Nein Nein Nein.&... [More]

REVIEW: Lightspeed Champion @ Heaven, London - 10th May 2010

by Alexandra Randall 17. May 2010 02:11
I've been sitting at my laptop for a while now, trying to begin this review. I don't usually find it this difficult. In fact, I can generally sit and write all about a gig all within 10 minutes. It's done before I've even finished my tea. However, it's hard to begin describing a performance by Dev... [More]

Burn Before Reading - Lexington - 22/04/10

by Alexandra Randall 5. May 2010 13:25
Burn Before Reading at The Lexinton [More]

Review: Naive New Beaters @ Favela Chic, London 14th April 2010

by Alexandra Randall 17. April 2010 14:21
Vive la France! The Brazilian, shanty-town-esque restaurant Favela Chic of Old Street came alive to the sound of Hotel Costes, wine, flirting, Edith Piaf and Naive New Beaters last Wednesday. When we came through the door the place wasn't what you'd call full, but it still had a somewhat... [More]

Paint the town Pink: The Big Pink - 22/10/09 - Electric Ballroom

by Alexandra Randall 26. October 2009 18:58
The Big Pink live in London. [More]

I'm in a Passionate Relationship

by Alexandra Randall 9. September 2009 18:47
A review of Passion Pit at Reading Festival. [More]

Canada, eh?

by Alexandra Randall 2. August 2009 21:52
And we thought London was cool. Amidst all the blog entrys keeping us up-to-date on this year's festivals, I took it upon myself to provide you with a little, non-event related break. Countless times has Canada been the butt of today's pop culture jokes, but from what I've heard the last cou... [More]

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