Lou Bond - Lou Bond

by Alex Yau 29. March 2010 18:21
Through many unsung heroes of the last 50 years, Lou Bond is possibly one of them. Who is he you may ask? It wouldn't be suprising as Bond often released his records through independant, less known labels in the US resulting in poor notice. What a shame as his self titled re issue is truly a ... [More]

The Method Actors - This is Still It

by Alex Yau 29. March 2010 17:28
You know the old saying, less is more. In terms of music, this has particularly been true. Look at the likes of the White Stripes or the Kills. Pretty succesful and popular bands. There was one earlier band though. The Method Actors rose from the same scene tha spawned the likes of R.E.M and the B... [More]

It's a Musical - This Music Makes Me Sick

by Alex Yau 18. March 2010 00:37
  Perhaps you're sick and tired of every song you've currently heard on the radio? Maybe you've wondered to yourself about whether they'd play the music you want? Well you're not alone. It's a Musical have the same thoughts themselves and they've expressed it through the medium of music. The... [More]

Errors with Worriedaboutsatan Live @ Deaf Institute, Manchester - 10th March 2010

by Alex Yau 11. March 2010 01:15
The theme is definately an obvious one tonight at the Deaf Institute in Manchester. Filled with backing tracks of electronic music, the stage was set for bands of the electronic variety. In one corner of the venue, the Errors drummer manned the t shirt stall and was being crowded by many young fan... [More]

Field Music - Field Music (Measure)

by Alex Yau 15. February 2010 20:42
They're back. After an absense of a few years, several side projects and the loss of a member, Field Music are back but now as the brotherly duo, Peter and David Brewis. To please the fans, the band have released a huge collection of music. An enormous twenty songs in total to be precise so fans h... [More]

Excepter - Presidence

by Alex Yau 9. February 2010 00:50
What is the last record you listened to where you did not know what the hell was going on? One where so many strange sounds were presented upon you where you knew their source but at the same time, they all sounded so distant and far. One that sounded threatening in places but yet, so gentle and c... [More]

Band of Skulls - Liverpool Korova - 05/02/10

by Alex Yau 7. February 2010 02:18
Walking outside and looking into the upper part of the venue, you could mistake it for being half empty, infact, this reviewer mistaked the venue for being closed for a little confusing while. However, venture deeper down into the lower part of the place and it's a different story. Already gaining a... [More]

NME Tour 2010 - Manchester Academy - 6/02/10

by Alex Yau 7. February 2010 01:18
Well, it's almost that time of the year again. The NME Awards ceremony is almost here literally giving bands the finger for all their efforts in the recent year of music. This also means that the NME Tour is also here and Gig Junkie have been at the Manchester Academy show to witness the tour's late... [More]

Mumford and Sons - New Release and Tour

by Alex Yau 1. February 2010 12:35
  Rising indie band Mumford and Sons are set to release a new single soon. Titled 'The Cave,' the single will be released on the 1st March. Also, fans can look forward to set of dates in the UK which are the following: 3rd March - ABC, Glasgow 4th March - Manchester Academy 6th March - W... [More]

Jo Hamilton - 30 January 2010 - Winter Webcast

by Alex Yau 30. January 2010 19:48
Internet and music have sure gone a long way together in the last few years or so. There has been such revolutions as social networking promotion and digital music along other innovations. Musicians are now even starting to stream live gigs through the internet themselves. One such artist is UK arti... [More]

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