FESTIVAL COVERAGE: LeeFest, Kent, 12th August-13th August

by Harry Moore 16. August 2011 15:19
  It can often be difficult for smaller festivals to compete with the ‘big hitters’. There is always big competition between the smaller festivals when it comes to atmosphere, facilities and most importantly their line up. Many strive to attract the biggest names they possibly ca... [More]

Festival Preview: LeeFest - The Must See Acts

by Harry Moore 11. August 2011 13:07
You could be forgiven for thinking the summer festival is a endangered species. Michael Eavis casted doubt over Glastonbury which led to a media circus suggesting festivals wont last past 2015. Not only is this unlikely, its ridiculous. To many people, their summer festival is the highlight of the y... [More]

Delphic with Jamaica, Fenech Soler and the Whip @ The Warehouse Project – 30th Oct 2010

by Alex Yau 31. October 2010 18:19
The Warehouse Project's venue certainly has history behind it being a disused bomb shelter and whatnot. Tonight there's a totally different air of nostalgia surrounding it. A nostalgia that brings forth the voices of the famous 80's dance scene that further fortified Manchester as a musical hub. I... [More]

Ian Brown Live Gig In Manchester

by Gig Junkie 3. March 2010 09:12
As part of their 5th anniversary celebrations, The Warehouse Project will be presenting a unique homecoming show by all round music icon Ian Brown on Friday, 11th June at Manchester's Platt Fields Park.The former Stone Roses front man is set to relive his childhood in front of 15,000 adoring home ... [More]

Underage Festival 2009

by Matt Richardson 6. August 2009 10:59
It's just before 11am on Sunday 2nd August, and London's Victoria Park has been taken over by 10,000 14-18 year olds today for the annual Underage Festival. The sun is shining (to everyone's relief, considering torrential downpours the day before) and everyone is eager to get through the gates and... [More]

Underage Festival 2009 2/08/2009

by katie blench 5. August 2009 16:24
The festival was strictly 14-18 years old, police were patrolling the area and the press who were over 18 had to be kept backstage and escorted to the stages to either film or photograph the bands. There were 7 stages/tents, the main stage which was the Converse music stage, the two big tents whic... [More]

Glastonbury 2009

by Matt Richardson 18. June 2009 16:37
Hello. It really has been a while hasn't it! I've been caught up in exams for the last week or so, but I finished today, so I can be back to my blogging self! Glastonbury open's its gates once again in just 5 days, 16 hours and 18 minutes as I write this, so I thought I'd put together a list of the... [More]

Bloom Festival 2009 Announces its Biggest Ever Line Up

by Marc Bridgen 4. June 2009 09:08
Bloom festival are ecstatic to announce their first wave of show-stopping headline acts. Esser, Noah and the Whale, Tom Middleton, The Filthy Dukes, Loose Cannons, The Whip and Part Time Heroes all make it on to the strongest line up ever to grace Bloom festival’s beautiful stages! GigJunki... [More]

Introducing...Standon Calling

by Lauren Razavi 2. June 2009 21:42
"This year's best boutique festival" - TIME OUT"A tiddler compared to some, but punching well above its weight" - THE SUNDAY TIMES"Small but perfectly formed, the epitome of the intimate festival..." - CLASH ONLINE"Small, unspoilt, wholesome and sponsor-free..." - VICE"The true British festival sp... [More]

Camden Crawl 2009

by Gig Nutter 24. April 2009 10:50
Camden Crawl 2009 now in its 8th year is about to start in 5 minutes! Last year I went over to the Crawl courtesy of our friends over at Red Stripe! What really makes Camden Crawl is the buzzing atmosphere, from bar to bar, club to club & venue to venue, music screams from every orifice. Every... [More]

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