The Kid's Still Got It! - Review of Kid Creole and the Coconuts @ Friars Club 27/11/09

by Mintyhit 3. December 2009 13:04
Not so very long ago, in a town not all that far away, I rock up outside Aylesbury Station to pick up my photographer. I've already been round the town twice to find the station, and predictably it will take another few laps of Aylesbury's town centre before we ditch the car in a multi-story and h... [More]

Kid Creole and the Coconuts @ Aylesbury Friars Club, Friday November 27th

by Mintyhit 20. November 2009 11:56
DING! (Incoming email...)left click (Subject: Check this out!!!)(Yawn, yawn, double yawn)... sleepy eyes and crap tasting coffee not conclusive with the reading of emails this early on.hmmmm... Kid Creole and the Coconuts? (Interesting...) 14 piece band... (Eyebrows ever so slightly arched in comi... [More]

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