Duff McKagan Leaves Jane’s Addiction After Just 5 Months

by Gig Junkie 7. September 2010 16:38
Duff McKagan has left Jane’s Addiction after just five months. The former Guns ‘N’ Roses bass player cited “musical differences” as the motivation behind his decision to leave the US rock group, despite working on material for their first album in seven years and pla... [More]

The Chapman Family are NOT a cult

by Leeroy 21. August 2009 14:07
Normally I wouldn't just post a press release, they're always overly gushing about the artist, I saw a hilarious Michael Bolton one a few days ago, but in this case, I would be more gushing than the press release. All I'll say is WATCH THIS BAND!! They're playing the Leeds and Reading Festival Repub... [More]

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