REVIEW: The Wailers @ 02 Academy, Bristol – 3rd July 2012

by Darren Thompson 6. July 2012 21:31
         Whilst clear that ‘The Wailers’ wouldn’t include the late Bob Marley (or the late Peter Tosh for that matter), I’d given surprisingly little thought to who it was I would actually be seeing perform live. When I’d heard ‘The Wai... [More]

REVIEW: Grillstock Festival, Bristol – 30th June 2012

by Darren Thompson 3. July 2012 16:35
         I nearly didn’t make it to Grillstock as the rain was really hammering down over Bristol this Saturday. We’re not talking a bit of overcast drizzle either, we’re talking the type of rain that twangs violently on the roof of your car, w... [More]

REVIEW: The Skatalites @ Trinity, Bristol – 16th May 2012

by Darren Thompson 17. May 2012 23:04
      Last night I made my maiden pilgrimage to Trinity in Bristol, an acclaimed, slightly 'off-the-beaten-track' venue that has tempted me a few times in the past with offerings from Gorillaz, Zion Train and Laid Blak, amongst others.     Approaching from... [More]

REVIEW: Leddra Chapman @ The Louisiana, Bristol - 25th March 2012

by Darren Thompson 28. March 2012 22:28
       Having written an article about Ed Sheeran way-back-when, I’d stumbled across Leddra Chapman as both one of his co-writers and co-performers. A number of months have since passed and occasionally her name has lit up on my musical radar, so when I saw she ... [More]

REVIEW: ‘Rhyme & Reason’ presents ‘GZA’ (Genius), ‘Million Dan’ + ‘Skitz’, ‘Split Prophets’, ‘Buggsy’ and ‘The Scribes’ @ The 02 Academy, Bristol – 18th Feb 2012

by Darren Thompson 24. February 2012 11:55
    After weeks of increasing anticipation, UK Promoter Rhyme & Reason’s finely crafted line-up was ready to unleash itself on a hyped-up audience at the Bristol 02 Academy.    The first act I saw on stage, having shaken off the February chill with a quick... [More]

Review: ‘Left Field in Motion’ - Billy Bragg, Akala and Sound of Rum @ The Fleece, Bristol – 28th November 2011

by Darren Thompson 30. December 2011 22:37
      Aside from straining a look into a packed ‘Left Field’ tent at Glastonbury in 2010, I wasn’t previously too knowledgeable when it came to Billy Bragg, though I’d liked the glimpses I’d caught between the sun-kissed heads and straw hats... [More]

REVIEW: Scroobius Pip @ The Cooler, Bristol - 4th November 2011

by Darren Thompson 8. November 2011 12:30
      The name ‘Scroobius Pip’ has arisen in many conversations I’ve had over the past year or so, often accompanied by the name ‘Dan le Sac’. Each time this has happened, I’ve meant to investigate further, based on the praise that usually c... [More]

REVIEW: Ralph McTell @ St George’s Hall, Bristol – 29th September 2011

by Darren Thompson 3. October 2011 18:42
        As England simmered in a late-September flourish of sunshine, over five hundred people sauntered into the majestic St George’s Hall, tucked innocently behind the bustle of Bristol’s arterial Park Street.       Somehow both grand an... [More]

Dot to Dot 2012: Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now!

by Holly Emerson 6. June 2011 12:47
With the dust finally settling on another amazing Dot To Dot festival, it’s time to look back at what was a truly standout year in the event’s history. Taking the finest music acts cross country from Bristol to Nottingham and finally Manchester - which saw record crowds in its second yea... [More]

REVIEW: Gentleman’s Dub Club @ Thekla, Bristol – 27th May 2011

by Darren Thompson 28. May 2011 18:13
          The last time I reviewed Gentleman’s Dub Club, I could barely fit enough positivity into the article; they blew the roof off The Croft in what was one of the most exhilarating nights of live music I’d ever seen. This gig therefor... [More]

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